May 20, 2008

Bland day

So I didn't want this blog to turn into "what lame and uninteresting things Missa did today" but maybe that's what it needs to be in order for me to have something to write about regularly.  Here's what happened today…
  1. While getting dressed I was momentarily excited about the colder-than-it-should-be-for-the-end-of-May weather since it gave me an excuse to wear a really cute Banana Republic ¾ length sleeve top that was MIA under a pile of magazines, catalogues, mail, and gift certificates until a recent cleaning binge.   Now the cold and rain has just left me depressed.
  2. Today on the subway, there was this really annoying high school girl who had the worst "s" pronunciation problem—the one where it whistles every time you go "sssss", but with her it was so much worse because she had a thick New York "oh no she di'n't" accent with a fast syncopated timbre, and somehow whistled her "t"s also.  Needless to say, she talked the whole time.
  3. Had Chipotle for lunch.  They put too much sour cream on my bol. 
  4. I started working on the consumer value proposition for a new "product" my company is launching.  I'm actually typing this blog entry into that document, before cutting and pasting it into ye olde blog, haha.  I'm usually more productive, but this rainy, cold weather is killing me. 
Wow, I feel very negative today -- even more so now that the list of things that happened today is only 4 things deep.  Boring! 
I suppose I should leave this on a positive note:  The best thing about today is that I'm leaving work an hour early so that the IT guy can move my computer to my new desk.  Desk #4 in 7 months...funny, just met boss #4 yesterday.  The cosmos have lined up yet again.

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