July 22, 2009

The High Line: Backdrop for our engagement photos

After visiting Manhattan's new High Line park in late June, not only did I decide that I had a new favorite NYC spot, but I discovered the perfect location for our engagement photo shoot. I immediately contacted the photographer we booked for our wedding, Stacey Ilyse, and she was just as excited about the shoot idea as I was.

And so we spent an hour and a half this Sunday evening on the High Line and in the Meatpacking District and had a BLAST. It was fun and relaxed, and we laughed a lot. Rob and I did a LOT of kissing. Even though the park was crowded, it really felt like we were the only people there. And I had some interesting costume change experiences (including stripping down near the ground floor elevators at The Standard Hotel...)

So while it was happening it felt like a positive experience and I knew we got some great photos.

But really...I was BLOWN AWAY by the finished product. I'm so critical of everything -- I never thought we'd end up with such perfect photos -- there's nothing I would change! Not only did Stacey capture our relationship -- the tender love we have for each other, the goofiness and giggles, and our obvious uniqueness and individuality. And she really showed off her diverse post production style (which is the reason why I was drawn to her photos in the first place).

I told Stacey I wanted to blog about the shoot so she moved around her schedule and was able to send me edited images within 2 days!!!! I can't stop looking at them. I'm soooooo happy! I want professional photos taken once a year for the rest of my life, haha.

Some of my favorites are below. A slide show of a bunch can be found here.

I love this photo because it truly captures the beauty of the High Line, and the post-production makes it look extra vibrant and surreal!

I love the softness of this one

And the vibrancy of this one!

Rob's favorite :)

My favorite :)

Or maybe this one is my favorite. I just love how we're both laughing but for different reasons. I'm pretty sure Rob is laughing at himself for not being able to balance on the train track and I'm laughing at him ;)

Still individuals!

I needed to break out the Louboutins and the infamous Renda DVF dress! Its not everyday that my fabulous shoes get to be photographed by a professional photographer! What I really love though is how this photo captures our personalities :)

Honestly, worth every penny. (If you know anyone who's engaged, tell them Stacey Ilyse Photography is running a summer e-session promo--$100 off and free guest book! No, I'm not being paid to mention that, haha.)

I just hope I'm still smiling when one day my kid sees these photos and shrieks, "MOM?!?!? That's YOU?!?! You and Dad look sooooo young. You used to be PRETTY."


Sharon Pelletier said...

Wow those are incredible shots! The High Line is one of the places I'm most eager to visit when I move to New York in a few months. I've heard so much about it and I can't wait to see it for myself!

Congrats on your happy beauty :D

sherene said...

Been a lurker for a few months but I HAVE to delurk to tell you how much I love the entire set of photos! Congrats to both of you... definitely noting Stacey's name for fab couple photography =)


Goofy Girl said...

:) Adorable pics! Such a great job!

Lacey Bean said...

What a great idea! I was there a few weeks ago, I loved it! I'm trying to figure out where in NY to do our engagement pics, we got engaged on the Brooklyn Bridge, so I want something just as good!!

Bridechka said...

The photos came out great!! I absolutely love the high-line, it is just gorgeous.

aga [AGAiMAGES] said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and kind words about our work.

Congratulations on your Engagement and have a wonderful Wedding Day [and all the exciting planning until then].

Kristen Sara said...

What great photos! I love the one of your feet standing together at the end... all of them are incredible!

Eimi said...

I somehow missed this post until now-- these pictures are fantastic!!! I love them!

erin said...

Those photos are amazing! Did you need a permit to shoot there? Thanks!

Missa said...

Hi Erin, thanks for your comment! At the time, we did the shooting without a permit. I'm not sure if they are requiring them now (they probably should just to raise some money) but security didn't have a problem when we did the shoot in July.

At any rate, to be on the safe side, you can check with Friends of the High Line, the governing body of the park:


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