June 24, 2011

Rainbow City NYC

The opening of the High Line's second section this June brought with it an art installation called Rainbow City. The gigantic balloon-scape is reminiscent of Willy Wonka and Mario Bros. When we visited last week it was HOT. I expected crowds, but rainbow city was surprisingly empty. Savannah loved looking at the balloons but we didn't stay for very long, as the ice cream truck on site was experiencing technical difficulties and I was starvin'. Here's a quick photo recap:

We approached the balloonscape from above and headed straight for the small spheres of swaying shade

Savannah, happy to be a few degrees cooler in the shade, giggled and made her "crazy legs" as she took in the sights.

I love how the perspective of the above picture is life-like, with small baby and huge balloons. But when I get down to the ground, perception is askew! Psychedelic, man.

Missa's Blog is now "Missa the Staycation Mama"

My blog was boringly titled "Missa's Blog" for several years now. I started writing on here before I determined a direction or theme and eventually stopped writing because I just didn't know what to write about. In fact, it was my husband that started this blog for me after hearing me talk about how I wanted one, and he used that title as a placeholder. It stuck. Without a theme, it was easy to become a lazy writer, so my writing tapered off.

Being a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom in New York City is an incredibly lucky lifestyle. When I have the energy to take my baby on adventures, they are truly magical experiences for both of us. I'm using this blog to chronicle our adventures around the city. I'm using this blog as an excuse for us to go on more outings, hopefully weekly, beyond our comfortable UES neighborhood. I'm hoping to show Savvy the world, country by country, without leaving her home town. I'm hoping to make everyday (ok, many days) feel like a staycation.

And I also want to use this space to reminisce about my traveling adventures. As I approach the big 3-0, I'm thinking a lot about my 20s and TRAVEL really defined my personal growth and some of my best memories.

So stay tuned, follow the blog, and give suggestions of what we should do around town.

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