June 30, 2008


I kinda sorta finally have the internet at home!  Rob’s new BlackBerry can be hooked up to our home computer.  Yay!  Real-time blogging—commence.


Prepare yourselves for an action-packed blogosphere explosion of Missa Stuff in the coming days/weeks.  Work has been too busy to blog during lunch, hence the super-long hiatus. 

June 9, 2008

Ahh, the bygone DC days...

A few weeks ago, I was talking about my new blog venture with my friend Rachel, and mentioned that the hardest part is writing about myself. I don't usually talk about myself unless I'm asked specific question—because I hate to share things that might not be interesting to other people—nothing worse than listening to an awful story. So she offered to send me a few questions to get the ball rolling! One of her first questions was to compare my life in DC to my life in NY. I lived in DC for 3 and a half years, and here are some of the things that I miss. More posts related to my sense of place to come!...

  • Happy Hour culture with Happy Hour discounts. When I first got there in 2004, martinis were $3 each at the M Street Bar and Grill all day, every day. Now I pay $10+.

  • My girl Mellie J Shoutout to Melissa!!! She was a great partner in crime, and a friend who was more fun than me, so I had someone to keep up with. Luckily she visits very often J

  • Rock Creek Park was 100% accessible from my cute apartment on Porter Street, NW. In just a 5 minute walk, Rob and I could be walking on the semi-secluded path along the creek. Now I'm a 15 minute walk from Central Park, which is awesome but doesn't really feel like nature.

  • My apartment was built on a site near the zoo, with lots of wildlife. Rob and I would wake up to birds chirping, bugs zapping (?), and other outdoorsy noises. (Of course it felt like Jurassic Park at first, but it was nice to wake up to on a lazy Saturday.) Now we wake up to the weird moans that the nesting pigeons make right outside our bedroom window. The claws scratching on our A/C is also incredibly annoying. That one time a pigeon flew into our apartment wasn't fun either!

  • A dinner costing more than $12 felt expensive. Best Indian food ever at Indique on Connecticut Ave, cost $13 per entrée. At least 3 days a week I spend $12 on LUNCH in Manhattan.

Best things about DC:

Belga Café, Le Madeline, Nooshi, the museums, the sculpture garden, the monuments, my friends, Café Citron, DANCING, the Ecuadorians, happy hour culture, driving, and at times I really miss the awful fashion sensibility—it was sooooo easy to look awesome compared to everyone else!

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