April 23, 2012

Simple Messy Hairdo, Toddler Style

Lately, Savannah's favorite thing to do at home is play in the bathroom sink. She likes to serve me "hot coffee" in plastic Easter egg halves, fill up and dump out my used Starbucks cups, brush her teeth, wash her doll's feet and hands, lick water off her fingers, etc. I often use this time where she's perched on her foot stool to brush [oatmeal out of] her hair.

Today, the Paper Mama's most simple hairstyle ever tutorial came to mind and I thought it would be fun to put the look on Savvy. Next stop, Toddlers and Tiaras (JUST KIDDING).

So to the soundtrack of Savvy's laughter and squeals when ice cold water splashed on her (which she called "too hot"), I grabbed 3 bobby pins and put 3 twisty bun doodads in Savvy's hair. It took all of 30 seconds.

Business in the front

Party in the back! - 3 simple twists secured with one bobby pin each

I'd do this again. Only fell a little bit at the playground, but I love messy hair so was perfect for the warm afternoon.

Spinning water wheel is mesmerizing

Doesn't need to stand on her tippy toes anymore :-O

Yay, the first time I left her unattended at the sink to grab camera and she didn't fall and crack her head open on the toilet or shower. WIN.
Have you ever come across the world of hair tutorials across the blogosphere? When I first joined Pinterest, they were some of my favorite pins to search for. Which are your favs? I love Keiko Lynn's.


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What an adorable 'do! I'll keep this one in mind for my lil' lady bean!

His Little Lady said...

absolutely adoring her hairstyle!!! too perfect :)
xo TJ

Giovanna said...

Cute photos! Loving that hairstyle!


Anonymous said...

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