May 15, 2009

Falconer Magnanimous Blogsky

GUEST POST by Anonymous:

Coolest name I’ve ever seen – first name, for a boy:


THAT is IT. With a name like “Falconer” you are bound to be a strong and charismatic leader of men. Plus, I’m pretty sure that someone who trains falcons is a “falconer” - so that’s cool.

[,0,826837.story (Her grandfather was named “Falconer Madan”) ]

Also, the middle name could be something like “Magnanimous”, which is awesome as a first name as well, but I like them together better:

“Falconer Magnanimous” – meaning: Someone who can easily kick your butt without even trying, yet will always take the high road and graciously allow you to escape unharmed. He’s obviously superior to you in every way, so there’s no point in fighting about it.

Perhaps we’d be setting this kid up for disappointment though. Imagine if his name was Falconer Magnanimous but he was short, fat, stupid, and weak. Now, if his name was “Pudgy Choade” or something, then that might work, but not for Falconer Magnanimous.

May 14, 2009

Review: Stuart Hirsch Salon: August Highlights in May

I was lucky enough to have my hair highlighted by celebrity colorist Stuart Hirsch last Saturday and the results live up to his ideals. While he was painting on my highlights after I instructed him to do whatever he wanted, whatever he thought would look good, I had him explain his aesthetic to me. It all boils down to "natural" and "world class"-- he uses his 20+ years of training to create subtle looks that enhance a woman's natural beauty.

And really, the golden flecks he gave me create such a subtle, natural look-- it's like he gave me a summer's worth of sun-soaked hair in just an hour. My first reaction when he asked if I liked it was, "It's great! It looks like August hair in May!" And believe me, after all the rain we've been having in NYC, this change has elevated my mood.

It makes sense that my hair tells the story of a sun-soaked beachy summer because, while Stuart didn't say this about himself, it's obvious that he's inspired by beach culture--he surfs in Long Beach, LI, has a beach house in North Carolina and dresses like he's from L.A. I don't want to reveal names here, but the celebrities he's courting for endorsement of his new haircare line are synonymous with California sun, surfing, and laid back elegance.

After my color with Stuart and fabulous shampoo by the lovely Mary Clare (who was a great assistant--really nice, funny and talented-- Hope she's not pissed that I'm linking to her Myspace page, but that's what comes up as her #1 Google result), I also trusted the fabulous Whitney Olson to give me a haircut.

I didn't let her do anything drastic since I'm feeling the typical pre-wedding pressure to "grow out my hair", but while she was trimming my split ends and shaping my layers, she was such a joy to talk to! I'm not one to gossip with my stylist, but she made it so easy. I might have to go back just to test whether I can get a haircut AND therapy for a little over $100. To justify that kind of splurge in this economy, I may need to convince myself that I'm paying for mental health and not just a trim ;).

Overall the experience and the results are positive: My face is brighter and I look fresher. That's all I can really ask for! I'm too young for Botox so I'll take that type of result where I can get it.
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