September 12, 2010

Welcoming Savannah & the Evolution of Baby Smiles

Savannah Cielle P. joined our family at 8:19am on August 25, 2010.

Savannah, my husband and I have had many adventures since her birth (and during our epic pre-birth hospital stay and labor induction resulting in 24 hrs of labor + eventual c-section).

Here are some links to her extra-special moments during her first two weeks of life followed by a photo tutorial on teaching your week-old newborn how to smile.

Photos of Savannah's first moments after being born and our 4-day hospital stay:

Savannah's first days at home with mom and dad:

SavvyPea's YouTube Channel with fun(ny) videos.

And now, new parents take note...

Here's how to get your newborn to smile for an iPhone photo...

Start with a grumpy, furrowed-browed baby, otherwise known as a "newborn in her natural state":

Begin phase 1 of "Mommy trying to make baby happy":

If baby remains difficult, take matters into your own finger. Baby may remain skeptical:

Eventually a dimple appears! Almost a smile! The finger does the trick every time!

Success! Savvy smiles :)

Mommy takes full credit for the evolution of this baby's smile!
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