October 6, 2008

Missed the obligatory birthday post

So today is the first day I'm posting in over a month. I didn't even post on my birthday, nor have I really taken the time to reflect on what happened during the past year. 26 really flew by...

Let me pay tribute to 26 by listing some of the "firsts" I experienced before turning 27:

*Living in Manhattan for the first time gave me the following firsts:
  • First broker's fee
  • First encounter with a bug that actually made me shed tears out of fear
  • First exterminator visit
  • First Christmas Eve visit to the Rockefeller Center tree
  • First sojourn to Williamsburg and Washington Heights
  • First time trying on shoes that cost the same as my monthly rent
  • First time getting a bagel and coffee delivered
  • First time getting my laundry picked up and delivered
  • First time riding the NYC Bus
  • First Korean BBQ
  • First walk around the Reservoir and visit to the Guggenheim
  • First time attending a book signing
  • First second-hand clothing store purchase
*First (and second!) time being a bridesmaid in a best friend's wedding: First toast, first time planning a bachelorette party, first burlesque show, first time beat-boxing in public (don't ask).

*First visit to New Orleans: First time taking the stage at Stiletto, first time riding a mechanical bull, first steamboat ride.

*First time taking actual business trips- First time ever to Chicago, first time going to Orlando and Phoenix on my own, first room service order.

*Discovered the joys of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Absinthe, and Absolut Pears and Ruby Red, the Starbucks Double Shot on Ice, and private karaoke rooms with all-you-can-drink sake.

Is that it? Oh, and first time blogging.

Safest Seat on the Subway

Okay, prepare yourself for a glimpse into the small portion of my psyche that may be abnormal...

I didn't choose the title for this post because of its awesome alliteration; it is in hopes that if someone has the same question that I do, and tries Googling "safest seat on subway" perhaps they will see my page come up first and have some solace knowing that someone else is as crazy as they are. Because they aren't going to find answers on Google about which seat is the safest.

Do you ever have really morbid thoughts?

Sometimes when I'm on the train, and I lean my head against the wall when I'm sitting in a corner seat, or when I'm sitting right next to a pole, I wonder what my odds of death would be if the train crashed, and then wonder if my likelihood of survival is more or less than if I was sitting or standing elsewhere on the train. (Like, I'm guessing that standing in the midst of a crowd of people is much safer than sitting next to the pole, because all the people would cushion your fall--We all know I sit all the time so I guess that means I usually choose laziness over survival.)

I know I'm not alone in this type of insanity--In "Killing Yourself to Live", the memoir/history of rock star death, Chuck Klosterman thought a lot about his own death--but its not something you usually discuss with friends. Although, friends, would love to hear your crazy moments of noticing your own mortality.

The bright side is that this fear doesn't paralyze me. It's not even fear really, just another opportunity to create a life strategy...literally. Thinking about my skull cracking open every now and then has done nothing besides make me think 'I should blog about this'. I would just love a definitive answer of which subway seat is safest.
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