April 14, 2009

Extreme Career Makeovers

While resume makeovers are still a 100% necessity in this job market, some are taking a more extreme approach to career makeovers by using plastic surgery and other “touch-ups” as part of their job search strategy.

Botox procedures were up 5% in 2008 despite economic declines. I’m not arguing that there’s a “Botox Index” like there may be a Lipstick Index, but some pink slipped Baby Boomers are investing in a more youthful look.

A recent Reuters article spotlighted one 56 year old man who opted for a facelift preemptively because he knew his business was declining and that he would soon need to interview, possibly outside an industry he’s been in for 35 years. The article also highlights a New York plastic surgeon who hopes to capitalize on the needs of job seekers by marketing a bundle of his services as the “Job Fighter Package”.

The idea of using plastic surgery to advance your career is not a new strategy, but few speak up about the topic. Exactly one year before the Reuters article, outspoken career blogger Penelope Trunk hypothesized, “Plastic surgery will be for the go-getters and career-minded. Just you wait and see.” Has her prediction come true?

Will Boomers and the over-40 Gen X set strive to look and feel 35 again? Do you think this is a viable career strategy?

To me, 35 is the magic career number. It’s the age when you’ve probably achieved the “over 10 years of relevant experience” status that makes you qualified for jobs with interesting job descriptions and decision-making ability. It’s the age when most of your superiors are no longer old enough to be your parents, so you can finally stop feeling like a kid. It’s the age when you can still “hang” with your younger co-workers at happy hour while being taken seriously in the boardroom.

Do you think looking 35 will make you more hire-able?


crayz said...

How much does a facelift cost? Someone could almost certainly take some college course or certification for the cost of doing plastic surgery

Was this economic crisis the result of too many ugly old people? I thought it was because a lot of people spent money they didn't have on things of far less value than they paid, while others encouraged their poor decision making and leeched money out so it could flow to the ultra rich

Art said...

It's way to much to cut into your face. You might like Holland Cotter's article in the NYT's about the art of facelifts. Art like Mona Lisa art

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