May 13, 2010

A Diaper Bag Popped My Cherry

We found out the bun in my oven was in fact a baby girl 6 weeks ago. Much to my own surprise, I didn't immediately raid every baby store in search for the cutest wardrobe ever for my mini me (or MeeseB as my husband affectionately refers to her).

Something felt wrong about buying stuff for her when I was still only 20 weeks pregnant. At that point I could barely feel her moving in my tummy. I was also overly concerned about getting her things in advance that later didn't match her personality. So I just let it be.

I finally went to big box baby retailers Babies R Us and buybuy BABY to set up my registry and briefly looked through the stores for something to buy her. Something that would make the perfect first gift from mommy to baby. I felt like I had to get SOMETHING, but it just didn't feel right. I wasn't inspired. this may sound shallow or selfish...Until I got excited about my own motherly fashion possibilities.

Yup, the first "baby" thing I bought was actually for me. I got my daily Ideeli flash sale alert email in my inbox during an two weeks ago, and low and behold there was a sale on high end diaper bags. I thought they just HAD to be better than the gender neutral or hyper childish bags sold at the big chain baby stores so I clicked into the sale and fell in love with the Timi & Leslie Jane diaper bag in Eggplant.

Exhibit A:

We all know I love a good deal, and seeing this bag for a little over $100 when the original tag said $375ish made my heart skip a beat. When I imagined how chic and awesome I would feel toting this bag around Yorkville with my little baby Moby Wrapped to my chest, I had an epiphany that yes, I could be a "hot mama". Motherhood won't take away my style (haha, I can dream). So I bought the bag!

It's huge and awesome and comes with all the usual diaper bag accoutrements like a changing pad and insulated bottle holder. And holy jeepers is the thing heavy--it will definitely help me burn calories. And did I mention it's HUGE? Whatever. Maybe it's a little impractical, as I probably won't use it everyday, but it got me excited about a different facet of my transition to motherhood.

And it popped my shopping-for-baby-stuff cherry. I'm still not going nuts -- I've only bought two outfits so far, but take look at how adorable these little numbers are:

Newborn waterfll Floral Bubble Jumper Sizes 0 - 12m

This is the Floral Bubble Jumper from the Children's Place. I also got the matching sun hat.

This hot little number is also from the Children's Place. I wish they made it in my size! I will just have to live vicariously through my soon-to-be-newborn.

Squeeee! I just really can't wait to meet my little munchkin. August can't get here soon enough. And until her adorable little personality is developed, I will simply adorn her using my personal style. And she can cringe at the photographic evidence years later.

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