August 27, 2009

Seven Deadly Sins Game: Bachelorette Party Fun

My Bachelorette Party weekend was so amazing that I can probably fill several posts with stories and now feel qualified to write a “how-to” guide on throwing a classy Bachelorette weekend because mine included so many clever games and activities and zero lameness!

I’ll start by explaining our overarching theme for the weekend: The Seven Deadly Sins

Ever since the movie Se7en, I’ve loved thinking and talking about The Seven Deadly Sins, and recall in high school that our big theory was that the sins are only deadly if you commit ALL of them, so we were fine because we weren’t guilty of extreme Wrath. After college, my friend (and now bridesmaid) Melissa and I would sit at happy hour and list our sins in order of which we commit the most to the least, exploring the deep recesses of our personality flaws and fabulosity.

In a conversation about possible “themes” for my bachelorette party weekend, while I was gagging thinking about how lame themes are, the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins came to me since there were 7 bridesmaids. We talked about having each Bridesmaid assigned to a sin, but that would stink for whoever got stuck with something derogatory like Gluttony or Wrath.

Eventually, I came up with the idea of a game where you earn points for committing “good” sins and lose points for committing “bad” sins. Each sin would have good and bad qualities. For example, a positive Envy point would be earned if someone “envied” you by giving an unsolicited compliment, but you would lose a point for Envy if you compared yourself to someone else or coveted something you didn’t have.

Melissa brainstormed with me on the list of good and bad sins and styled a fabulous scorecard for us complete with rhymes and witticisms:

Seven Deadly Sins Game & Scorecard: Bachelorette Party -

Using the example sins on the scorecard and my discretionary point rewarding and reprimanding as the bridezilla, it became such a fun way for us all to be friendly and nice to one another (lots of compliments were given, helping us feel fabulous) and gave me a reason to speak out against behavior that annoyed me (complaining, arguing, etc).

To top off the theme, my Maid of Honor, Carrie put together the cutest goodie bags filled with items that depicted the sins. Let's see if I remember these correctly...there's lots of overlap.

Gluttony: Lindt Truffles & Penis Lollipops

Envy: Green M&Ms

Wrath: Water guns

Greed: Fab coin purses

Sloth: A Kazoo (for calling out to someone for assistance)

Lust: Flavored condoms

Vanity: A pocket mirror

This game was a great way to add cohesion to the weekend and amp up some friendly competition. Feel free to steal the idea ;) Just give us credit, haha. And let me know how it goes!


The Thirty-Something Bride said...

Clever! Love it!

Entertainment News said...

I don't like these types of parties. These are specially for guyz, Am I right? Its not for the galz. You've said well "sins on the scorecard " I am with your words that you have written in your post. I am speechless on this..

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