September 12, 2010

Welcoming Savannah & the Evolution of Baby Smiles

Savannah Cielle P. joined our family at 8:19am on August 25, 2010.

Savannah, my husband and I have had many adventures since her birth (and during our epic pre-birth hospital stay and labor induction resulting in 24 hrs of labor + eventual c-section).

Here are some links to her extra-special moments during her first two weeks of life followed by a photo tutorial on teaching your week-old newborn how to smile.

Photos of Savannah's first moments after being born and our 4-day hospital stay:

Savannah's first days at home with mom and dad:

SavvyPea's YouTube Channel with fun(ny) videos.

And now, new parents take note...

Here's how to get your newborn to smile for an iPhone photo...

Start with a grumpy, furrowed-browed baby, otherwise known as a "newborn in her natural state":

Begin phase 1 of "Mommy trying to make baby happy":

If baby remains difficult, take matters into your own finger. Baby may remain skeptical:

Eventually a dimple appears! Almost a smile! The finger does the trick every time!

Success! Savvy smiles :)

Mommy takes full credit for the evolution of this baby's smile!


Goofy Girl said...

She's adorable :) Sounds like you are enjoying every minute of her!

Thomas Pryor said...

Missa, Savannah is gorgeous! Her smile is a treat. Congratulations to you and husband, have the best fun in the world with your new baby girl, hugs, Tommy

Rj and Jessie said...

Omg, so cute!

baby gifts said...

Wow! It is really amazing to see our babies taking their first smile. Such a cute little angel. Babies are so amazing and they continue to amuse us every now and then.

Stroller Girl said...

A griend of mine reckoned that all newborn babies look like Winston Churchill. Well some might but your little girl certainly doesn't, she's gorgeous.

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