February 12, 2011

Savannah is 278 Years Old

Savannah is 278 Years Old today! No, not my Savvy Pea. The city of Savannah, Georgia turned 278 years old today, I learned, thanks to the friendly people behind the Visit Savannah twitter feed.

Yes, my daughter is named after Savannah, the lovely city where we spent part of our honeymoon. We named our fictional honeymoon baby Savannah before we even bought our plane tickets.

Because I planned my entire wedding down to the very last detail, the last thing I wanted to do was plan a complicated honeymoon. I tried to pawn the honeymoon planning onto my husband but he said we could do whatever I wanted to do. Gee, thanks!

We couldn't really do anything I wanted to do, because my husband is allergic to the sun, which ruled out Greece and every typical honeymoon location. My lack of time to plan a complicated dream vacation to Argentina or Eastern Europe or back to Italy, left me thinking domestic.

We were to be married in November, and by God if I couldn't have a beachy vacation somewhere, I certainly didn't want a cold vacation. So I narrowed down our options to west coast wine country or Savannah and Charleston.

Airfare down south was obviously cheaper and it was a much easier trip to mentally prepare for than figuring out how to navigate Napa Valley. Much easier to plop ourselves in two small cities and just figure things out on the fly.

When I started leaning towards Savannah and Charleston, Rob said, "If you get pregnant on our honeymoon and we have a girl, we can name her Savannah, and if it's a boy, we can name him Charles." He said this as a joke! Like, a knee-slapping, wouldn't-that-be-funny kind of joke.

While we were in Savannah, we fell in love. We fell in love with each other all over again. We loved the city. We loved Broughton Street and the fabulous loft we rented. We loved the food and the moss covered trees. We loved the fact that it rained almost the entire time we were there, giving us an excuse to stay in, *wink wink*.

So when we found out I was pregnant a month after the wedding, we were shocked to learn that we were actually going to have our fictional honeymoon baby!!! Oh wow, did we jinx ourselves! It was definitely fate!

We considered other names, but Savannah won our hearts before she was even conceived. Our sweet Savvy. I can't wait to take her to her city. I hope she likes it there!

Until our next trip, we will have to settle for creating a little bit of Savannah in New York by lighting Nourish Savannah candles, eating Savannah Bee Honey, smoking our stale Savannah Cigars, and singing to our sweet Savvy Pea.

Newlyweds escaping the rain and enjoying frozen hot chocolate at The Paris Market.

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