April 7, 2009

Subway Schmutz - Hazard for Lipstick Recessionistas

sugar lips DAY 18
Originally uploaded by Rachel Watford
As you may recall, there's something about the NYC Subway that gets me thinking about my own mortality.

I always get quite grossed out by the cloudy wind that blows all around when you're standing on a local platform and the express train rolls on by, creating a wind tunnel that stirs up years of dirt and grime. I start thinking about all the gray micro-particles that are adhering to my contact lenses and take shallow breaths. And if the breeze is a warm breeze - eewww - seems way worse!

Aside from squinting during these zephyrs, I never really got officially grossed out until I recently got hit in the face with an extra-strong subway wind, then for some reason licked my lips, noticing my thick layer of gloss. Gag! Then I started thinking about all the MTA dust that had adhered to my lips that was probably now on my tongue. Yum...

I always wear some sort of lip gloss while on mass transit, so not sure why it took me years to develop this new germ phobia but I imagine it has something to do with the recession and the theory that lipstick sales increases align with economic declines. Just the press alone that this concept gets is great marketing and I'm totally guilty of succumbing to the advertising -- I've purchased 4 new lipsticks in the past two weeks! You're welcome, Revlon. I've got lipstick on the brain!

Perhaps I will switch to my new Revlon Matte lipstick shade during my commute rather than my extra-gooey stand-by Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush gloss. Oh how I will miss my tasty Mango Madness VS gloss. I will save it for special above-ground occasions.


Pop Champagne said...

haha cute post! One of my pet peeves is getting hair on my lip gloss on windy days, and then strands of your hair gets a bit sticky. ewww

jewellery123 said...

you poor thing! stand with your back to wind flow!!!! haha i hate things getting stuck to my gloss, it makes me want to re apply pronto..... such is life, eh?

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