April 21, 2009

Trends at Topshop NYC

Could it be true? Could Topshop, my long lusted-after fashion oasis be too trendy for me?

My first time checking out the Soho Topshop, I was underwhelmed by the selection - cheap fabrics, unappealing prints, too-expensive prices for the quality - so I got my fix by buying a cute scarf instead of the hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise I fantasized about getting. I gave the store another shot today. Again, nothing cute jumped out at me. I was feeling old and lame while in the changing room trying on some Moto Denim skinny jeans that didn’t fit right.

Then it was all put in perspective. I overheard two employees talking about how they’re supposed to organize the racks of go-backs for the runners.

“The manager said that now we’re supposed to organize by trend, not floor, but I don’t what the trends are,” says Girl A.

“Oh, that makes it easier.”

Girl B starts organizing the clothes—two hangers click on the rack: “Miami, Miami.” One more hanger clicks: “Pirates.”

Okay, with trends named “Miami” and “Pirates”, I am glad my 27 year old self isn’t as hip and with-it as my 20 year old “studying in London” self.

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Lacey Bean said...

Oh Topshop. I went to a party this weekend and a girl I know was wearing a dress she got there. A 1 sleeved, lyrca orange dress that looked like it came straight out of the 80s. PRETTY. Haha!

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