May 15, 2009

Falconer Magnanimous Blogsky

GUEST POST by Anonymous:

Coolest name I’ve ever seen – first name, for a boy:


THAT is IT. With a name like “Falconer” you are bound to be a strong and charismatic leader of men. Plus, I’m pretty sure that someone who trains falcons is a “falconer” - so that’s cool.

[,0,826837.story (Her grandfather was named “Falconer Madan”) ]

Also, the middle name could be something like “Magnanimous”, which is awesome as a first name as well, but I like them together better:

“Falconer Magnanimous” – meaning: Someone who can easily kick your butt without even trying, yet will always take the high road and graciously allow you to escape unharmed. He’s obviously superior to you in every way, so there’s no point in fighting about it.

Perhaps we’d be setting this kid up for disappointment though. Imagine if his name was Falconer Magnanimous but he was short, fat, stupid, and weak. Now, if his name was “Pudgy Choade” or something, then that might work, but not for Falconer Magnanimous.

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Carrie said...

I just want to say that George Clooney played a cop named Falconer when he was on "Sisters" before he was some grey-haired hot shot winning Oscars for boring movies. But yeah, he was bad ass. And hot! But then he got blown up by a car bomb. Bye bye, Falconer. :(

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