November 22, 2009

Breaking the Silence: I'm a Wifey!

It seems appropriate that before I start blogging wedding recaps, honeymoon stories, etc, etc, I should announce that I GOT MARRIED TWO WEEKS AGO!!!


It really was the best day of my life. It sounds cliche, but it was absolutely, without a doubt, the best_day_of_my_life!!! It started off so emotional, beautiful and meaningful, and then turned out to be the most fun party I've ever been to.

It was such a surreal day. Being able to honor my love for my now-hubby while surrounded by the people I love most was amazing. Seeing all those people ALSO having fun, made it even more spectacular for me! And the fact that Rob and I pretty much planned the whole shindig ourselves (and he will say that he deserves just a tiny bit of the credit--I dove into the planning like it was my job) made the party's success so gratifying.

It was all so worth it. It was worth the time, the energy, the money, the anxiety, the stress. Even though I devoted so much energy to "just one day", it was a day that I will remember vividly for life.

So I hope my readers don't get bored with wedding recap stories, because I've been obsessing over wedding stuff since January 16, 2009 (our 10 year anniversary and night of our engagement) and need to document some of my trials and tribulations. I relied so heavily on wedding bloggers throughout the whole process (especially A $10,000 Wedding, The Thirty Something Bride, Brooklyn Bride, Relentless Bride, 2,000 Dollar Wedding and many more), and can can only hope that other brides-to-be find insights here as well.

Did I mention that I hated weddings? Not anymore!


rob said...

So, unfortunately, I think this means that you have to update your blog bio. You are not living with your fiance anymore - you are living with your finance...I mean husband. You are not 27 anymore either. Nor are you 28 (your actual age). You are 25. After you get married, you can officially begin to lie about your age without getting into trouble (it's not like you are lying about it to date younger men or anything like that). So there's no harm in doing it, except if you exhaggerate it too much and it becomes way too obvious.

rob's lawyer said...

The extra "h" in the word "exaggerate" in the previous post was added on purpose.

Goofy Girl said...

:) Congrats Missa! It was a beautiful day and it was too cute how emotional you were!! :)

a little penny said...

Congrats:) Hope you will always be happy. Nice to read your blogs.

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