December 15, 2008

Secret Single Behavior

What's your Secret Single Behavior? I'm sure Wikipedia has its own definition, but to me an "SSB" is an activity or ritual that you do only when you are home alone, and perhaps only after forcing yourself to break free from your standard routine when you are with others (like roommates, bfs, etc).

Living with my boyfriend for the past 5ish years has made it difficult for me to embrace my SSB, because we are usually together engaging in our Secret Couples Behavior (but that's another post...) and because our apartment is teensy, and when we're not together, I sometimes forget that I like to do things for myself besides watch Bravo marathons, scour Facebook, or go shopping.

When I had a recent evening to myself, instead of watching TV, I poured myself a bit of Amaretto over ice, lit candles, and put on my fav Putumayo album followed by Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree. I painted my nails for the first time in months, and thanks to a tip from the Luxury Spot, indulged in a mini facial c/o Elizabeth Grant's illuminating eye pads.

The best part about the mini facial, aside from feeling and looking legitimately refreshed afterwards, was how decadent it felt to spend 15 minutes lying on my couch, listening to my music...Relaxing for 15 minutes with your eyes shut without attempting to sleep--what a forgotten art!

I had time to think, and was reminded of all the hours I spent doing similar things with my bff Stephanie as a 13 year old girl: putting cucumber slices on our eyes, styling our hair just for the sake of doing it, using rejuvenating mud masks even though our skin was perfect, meditating to the flicker of a candle... Ahh, the good old days of focusing on ourselves and becoming women.

So since a blog is a conversation, and, of the handful of readers I have, most are men...Tell me: Do guys have Secret Single Behavior also? Does it freak you out when girls do their weird girlie behavior in front of you, like curl their hair and do their makeup without actually planning to go anywhere?

And for giggles, here is a list of my SSB's:
  • Dancing to Reggaeton
  • Getting glam and taking self portraits
  • Drinking wine, listening to classical music, and thinking, mostly about melancholy/nostalgic sorts of things
  • Netflix marathons
The secret is out :-P


Goofy Girl said...

I think the name of this is a misnomer. I think SSB should be trolling the internet for a hookup or enjoying the pleasure of one's own company with something ridic out there. ;)

I don't think I do anything exciting though myself. :P I just like to sit and contemplate where I might end up in life. I'm boring :P

Missa said...

Where are the male commentors???

Anonymous said...
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crayz said...

Wait a coincidence, I also give myself mini facials and nail paintings!

Well, lets see. Long walks, best on a warm night, barefoot, without other people around. Drinking coffee and staying up as long as possible, at least 30 hours, just doing random things. Getting high and pondering consciousness and time and metaphysics for hours

Globetrottingbride said...

Funny. I like to paint my toes when I'm home alone. My friends and I sometimes get together for beauty night and try out all the new beauty recipes on each other.

Heather said...

I cook, watch some Oprah and Food network on DVR, and organize.

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