June 7, 2009

DVF + Sharpie = Obligatory "Social Media is Awesome" Post

In a series of decisions based on budgetary weakness, I trekked to the DVF Sample Sale last week in Manhattan. [Its easy to rationalize a $125 purchase when the original price is closer to $400.] And so I waited on a 40 minute line in the rain to gain entry into the packed, loud, messy porta-store to look for as many cute dresses in size 6 or 8 that I could carry to the dressing rooms.

I was super excited to find a pink boatneck sheath dress that I knew was from Diane's 2008 Wonder Woman collection. DVF is an icon for a reason and I think her story is the real reason why she has the following she does today.

Anyways, I snatched up the Renda in Raspberry (below) for $125 along with an ugly but funky/cute sample dress that probably never made it to production--a true original that got mixed reviews out in the East Village last night--for $50.

So where does social media come into this? Well, as I was getting ready to go out last night, I took another look at my recent acquisitions and what I thought was blue yarn stuck to the front of my Renda was in fact two very noticeable smudges of blue permanent marker.

The cashier who rang up my purchase put blue marker exes on the dress tags (I guess to reduce their resale value on ebay) and must have accidentally drawn on my dress as well!! I was pissed and decided to go on a mini social media tirade:

I posted my problem to the DVF Fan Page on Facebook, wrote a FB status update, and Tweeted about it to find out how the hell to get permanent marker out of wool.

And lo and behold, Sharpie was listening! I was expecting to hear back from DVF's PR girls with apologies and coupons and stain removal advice, but it was Sharpie instead that must have been tracking their RSS feed of brand mentions on Twitter.

They suggest Amodex. Just bought some on Ebay. Hopefully my new dress will be in wearing condition within the next 3-6 business days. I can't wait to wear it!!!

I still love DVF and would gladly accept coupons and free merchandise to make up for their not-so-conscientious cashier :)


Missa said...

Yay, the stains are gone! Time to debut the dress :)

Hanako66 said...

what a great find and I really REALLY hope that it comes out!

Hanako66 said...

nvr mind...just read your comment


mademoisellemichelle said...

lovely dress! hope the marks come off!

Jill said...

Wow, great story! Did it come out??

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