June 25, 2009

Wedding Attire - Funny Text Msg

I've been avoiding lots of Rob and Missa wedding talk on ye olde blog but think this exchange via text message is too subtely funny not to share.

We've been discussing what the groomsmen should wear now that my bridesmaids' attire is all figured out, and I've been taking the approach of "it's your decision, honey", but last night when it came up, my fiance suggested we let the guys wear whatever they want and that just can be dangerous...

So this morning an idea hit me:

My text: "Had a vision for our wedding. You in light gray, the boys in black, and my girls in dark gray".

His response: "Grayt"

I chuckled to myself on Spring Street.


Juliette said...

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Bridechka said...

Haha! I am chucking right now.

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