July 6, 2009

Fire Island: Punny Beach Houses

We spent 4th of July weekend on Fire Island, the small island off the southern coast of Long Island's Suffolk County that bans cars, encourages daytime drinking, has a thriving deer and conifer population, and lets you bounce between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great South Bay with just a 3 minute walk.

Most of the beach houses are quaint bungalows and even the ridiculously huge homes are fairly understated. The houses are named just like most of the boats docked on the shore, and I came across a bunch of "punny" names. I took these pics because my fiance LOVES puns, and thought I'd share them here as well. These are from the towns of Ocean Bay Park and Ocean Beach:

Get it??? Dew Drop Inn??? SEA'S the day? Golden Daze...cause its sunny and you spend your days in a daze!...wink wink ;) ;)

1 comment:

RCaitlin said...

Clever! Especially "Dew Drop Inn" really like that one!

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