July 27, 2009

My Wedding To Do List

I know we'll get everything ready in time. I also know that there's something we'll forget, and it may feel like a big deal but probably won't be.

One of the biggest undertakings of wedding planning is list-making: guest lists, address lists, subsets of guest lists, budget spreadsheets, lists of songs we like, songs we don't, lists of ideas of things I should consider adding to my to-do list...

Some of this has been fun to put together, like my list of potential favor ideas which currently includes sapling trees, a charitable donation, or fabric flower pins that guests can wear at the wedding if they want to be extra festive.

The bad lists have included the guest lists because I know there will be people that feel excluded. The latest one I'm having issues with is the Bridal Shower. I want just closest, closest, closest friends and family to help keep it low key and within a budget my family can afford, but then I don't want people who later receive wedding invites but weren't invited to the shower to think that they're on the dreaded "B List".

I made another list tonight; a list of major things I have left to do in the 105 days until the big party. Threw it together in about two minutes and thought I'd share it here since it's a good example of my free-spirited attempt at organization ;)

Plus, maybe I'll do everything on the list if I publish it:

  1. Wedding rings
  2. Marriage License -- Let's not forget
  3. Bouquets + Decor (Find vases + research spray painting, picture frames and photos...)
  4. Fill out "personal remarks" questionnaire by 9/1 so Rev can personalize ceremony
  5. Jewish stuff: Chuppah and assorted accessories (Rob)
  6. Boys' attire
  7. Honeymoon - Let's not forget!
  8. Hotel discounts for guests, then update wedding website
  9. After party plans? Hudson Hotel bar perhaps...
  10. Shopping for mom's dress and shoes
  11. Make hair appt...Figure out what to do with hair...
  12. Decide what to do about makeup...Get a makeover and buy new products in case I DIY my face
  13. Invitations!!! This should be #1. They need to go out in early Sept...def by end of Sept...
  14. Other stationary, like place cards, table numbers/themes(?), a sign convincing guests to write in our guest book, etc.
  15. Favors. Is a charitable donation okay? Which charity?
  16. Gifts for wedding party. Pressure!
  17. Figure out how to properly thank our families for helping us pay for wedding...


Julie said...

Missa! I feel like I'm reading my own to do list!! Thanks so much for sharing your engagement pics (and blog) with Jason and me.... I'm SOOO bummed that we will miss your wedding (and that you will miss ours)... but I have to say, you couldn't have picked a better weekend! Good luck with the rest of the planning!

Missa said...

Hey Julie--Thanks for writing!! Can't wait to see your wedding pictures ;) Your engagement pics were beautiful.

It really stinks we can't be there, but you're right--we picked a lucky weekend. Another couple we know is getting married that weekend also!

Hopefully we get down to Miami soon :)

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

I love The Hudson Hotel. So chic and hip and cool.

Thanks fr commenting on my Weddzilla blog!

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