July 13, 2009

Trimble's of Corchaug: Inspired by the Idea Garden

Our NY-centric staycation left us on the North Fork after the visiting the wineries, and any Long Islander knows that if you head out East without going to a farm for fresh produce, you've wasted a trip. As we were driving back to my friend's place, heading west on Rt. 25, I had one of those "WE NEED BERRIES" moments and immediately saw Trimble's which looked like a farmstand so we made a sharp turn into the small parking lot.

Turns out it wasn't a farmstand but a nursery. (The abundance of flowers should have tipped us off...) But I immediately forgot about my hankering for local strawberries since it was such a great spot. We had so much fun walking through it.

Next to the greenhouse and nursery, they have an "Idea Garden" with winding pathways and random accoutrements that you wouldn't normally associate with a garden: Bowling balls as decor, really??? But it achieved it's intention--it gave me the "idea" for a blog post and some inspiration for photos. Here are some photos from the Idea Garden and the nursery. I'll spare you the silly shots I took of Rob ;) No people pictures here...that's what Facebook is for!

What a lovely detour!


RCaitlin said...

What a neat "idea" haha. No really I love how people can turn everyday mundane things into beautiful art.

Hanako66 said...

what a cool place!

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