February 27, 2012

Long Island Ikea - Barely a Swedish Staycation

Perspective. Savannah explored the Ikea warehouse.
It's been my mission to buy Savvy a table for arts & crafts, puzzle play, and dining in miniature so I've been scouring Pinterest and blogs for weeks. There are a million options but my extreme cheapness kept me from biting the bullet on a cute table from Land of Nod when I knew there were tables at Ikea near our family on Long Island. Since Ikea doesn't offer online shopping, we waited until a trip to visit family before checking out kid stuff at the Hicksville store.

Land of Nod Activity Table - LOVE it but it's $449 and big. Maybe our next apartment.
During the visit, my father-in-law, who works in the furniture business, offered to buy Savannah a custom designed table from a school supplier that he knows of, but I was too impatient to wait even longer, and since we were just a few minutes away from the Hicksville Ikea, we bought an interim option that we can eventually repurpose when we get a better table.

We compared dimensions and decided to get one of their ridiculously cheap coffee/side tables in red along with white kid-size chairs.

This Lack table cost only $12.99

And so we could check Sweden off our Staycation list, we made sure to load up on Swedish treats at the Ikea cafe after picking up some toys for Savannah. We shared a plate of meatballs and sampled the "Ikea Food" juices.

Elderflower drink. YUM.

Lingonberry drink. I sip skeptically. Tastes like cranberry juice.

The best tasting meatballs are the hardest to reach.

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