February 24, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays Never Get Me Down

Today is one of those days I used to dread. Rainy and chilly. The perfect recipe for an annoying commute to work complete with inevitable lunch at my desk and a gray mood to match the gray skies.

Since changing careers (har har) to being a mom, these rainy days can be magical. This is the first drizzly day I can recall in many weeks. In anticipation of wet springtime days, I bought Savannah adorable red rain boots on clearance at Target for $6.99 and an iPlay rain coat with pictures of umbrellas on it. She squeals with delight every time she sees an umbrella (who knows why), so I thought that was the best print for her until she has an umbrella of her own to hold.

When we woke to a rainy day, I was so excited for Savvy to walk through puddles wearing her first pair of rain boots. I hurried her through breakfast and kept her in her fleece pajamas in fear that the rain would stop.

Once dressed, we headed to Carl Schurz Park. Poor kiddo thought we were going to the swings ("WEEEEng") but I told her the playground was too wet - we were just going walking instead.  We had the whole place to ourselves. Even the dogs stayed away.

It was a magical stroll with my best friend, even though (as you can see from the photos below) she basically tried to get as far away from me as possible.

Cold nose. Time to go.

Pause to look at beautiful berries adorned with a drop of water each.

Hurried morning breakfast = hearty brunch at 10:45a. Savvy and I enjoyed a lingering mommy/daughter meal at the Mansion diner where Savvy dazzled the staff with her manners and friendliness and received a lesson in Spanish.

Tomorrow my companion, my joy, my motivation, my love turns a year and a half old. This beautiful time is so fleeting. Must soak it all in and never wring it out.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a nanny (not a mama yet) but your posts give me great ideas for fun things to do with the lil ones! Thanks so much :)

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