February 15, 2012

Denmark in Central Park

We've been fairly lazy on the "international staycation adventure seeking" front this winter, but I did have an experiential inspiration from a friend's Christmas gift to Savvy.

My wanderlusty girlfriend Melinda went to Scandinavia during the summer of 2011 and gifted Savannah an amazing collection of Has Christian Andersen fairy tales purchased at his home in Denmark. Savvy is still too young to pay attention to his lengthy stories, but we've looked through the pictures numerous times and I've thought a lot about which were my favorite stories as a child.

"The Red Shoes", a film based on Andersen's fairy tale, was one of my favorite movies to watch as a young child. I used to borrow the VHS from the library all the time just so I could watch the ballerina dance in her red slippers. I was so young at the time, I don't think I cared much for the plot (I recall it being a frightening story and would only look at the screen during the ballerina dancing scenes) but my love of red shoes was born and lingers to this day. I always have a pair in rotation and passed along my style belief that red shoes go with everything to Savannah. She loves her red Mooshu Trainers and picks them out of her shoe pile often.

Sorry for the annoying gif from the film. This is an homage to my husband who is gif-crazy these days. Image via.

Earlier this month on a rare 55 degree day, Savvy and I took a long stroll through Central Park to visit the Hans Christian Andersen statue. She wore her red shoes and looked adorable so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take a photo with this blog post in mind to fulfill our arbitrary Denmark requirement.

After waiting for a few other children to pose for their pictures, it was Savvy's turn. She was not at all interested in standing near the gigantic statue by herself. This is about as close as she was willing to get on her own:

I didn't want to torture her, but I did want a shot so I snapped one pic:

I guess the statue is a wee bit scary. We'll have to visit again this summer for story time. The Hans Christian Andersen Story Telling Center hosts stories at the statue each Saturday at 11am from June-September, which will certainly make the visit a lot more fun.

Here are some more photos from our springlike winter walk through the park:

No ice this year!

Savvy quacked at the ducks. Click here for video of her remarkable quacking abilities ;)

The sun was low in the sky. Savvy chased and yelled at her shadow, getting lots of laughs from tourists.

Lucky for me, she took a break from talking to strangers to give her mama a smile:

Visiting the Alice in Wonderland statue, however, was a more tolerable experience :)
I'd choose Wonderland over Denmark too, kiddo.

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