April 4, 2008

I love my boyfriend

Just received this email from my boyfriend. We are opposites:

"In other news, I’m all hyped up on black coffee. Here’s a quick recap of how I got this way.

1) Purchased tuna for lunch YUM!
2) Ate tuna in office with door closed
3) Finished lunch and realized office reeked of tuna
4) Sprayed cologne all over office to cover up smell of tuna (yes, I have cologne here)
5) Office then reeked of cologne and the partner working next to me made a comment about the smell emanating into the hallway (more like making fun of me than angry – he said he’d prefer the tuna when I explained why I sprayed it)
6) Decided coffee smell would cover up the cologne (not sure why I thought that)
7) Also decided that adding milk would dilute smell
8) Left open cupS of coffee on desk
9) Coffee smell did NOT cover up cologne smell
10) Felt compelled to drink my two cups of black coffee anyway
11) Did I mention I didn’t add sweetener to the coffee?
12) Cannot stop fidgeting SUCKS! "

1 comment:

Melinda said...

This made me laugh, a lot.

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