June 12, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch with a Toddler - Bali Staycation Part III

3 gorgeous ladies and 1 lass. 4 distinct styles.
Savvy's breezy dress is the Moon Orchid Trapeze Dress c/o Tea Collection

Since motherhood became my 24/7 job, I often go months without seeing my closest friends. It makes me sad when I dwell on the thought but luckily I'm too busy most days to fall into a state of melancholy over it.

My bi-coastal friend Karen texted me early last week: "Are you free Friday? Let's do something fun so you can blog about it." Bingo! Time to plan that Indonesian staycation I promised the Tea people. As you know from my Researching Indonesia post, I hunted for things to do beyond the realms of food, but ultimately made a plan to meet Karen at Sanur restaurant in Chinatown. 

Fast forward to Thursday and the plans I thought I had with Alexis turned out to actually be plans for Friday - whoops! - double booked our day so our ladies lunch was growing in numbers. A text from Janice! What am I doing on Friday? Janice volunteered to take the LIRR in to visit (stoked and shocked!), so I ended up surrounded by 4 of my favorite ladies. Certainly an auspicious day!

(Also, note the trend -- I am AWFUL at initiating plans! I'm lucky I still have some people in my life that still reach out to me.)

After our wet morning at Carl Schurz Park, we changed into dry summer outfits, braved the heat and the commute, and headed down to Doyers Street, Manhattan's most crooked street for some authentic Indonesian/Malaysian cuisine, where Indian and Southeast Asian influences intertwine.

We started with Roti canai before moving onto Malaysian mei fun noodles, chicken curry and curry laksa soup. All of the food was expertly prepared (in sharp contrast to the no-frills, fairly dingy basement restaurant) but the roti canai sticks out in my mind as most memorable. It was my first time trying the light-as-air, deep fried flatbread, who's sweet pancake-like flavor was accentuated by the coconut-based mild curry dipping sauce. We loved it until Savvy knocked over the sauce while sampling it. I didn't order a second helping because we had a ton of food coming our way but I definitely will order it again next time I see it on a menu.

Roti canai at Sanur

Savvy's "Uh oh uh oh uh oh" face after spilling the sauce
 Couldn't be mad or frustrated - I'm just happy I have an adventurous eater!

L- Chicken curry  R- Curry laksa

Thanks to staggered arrivals, great food and great conversation we lingered for 2 hours, like we owned the joint. 

One of just a few decorative elements at Sanur NYC

After lunch, we walked up Bowery to a hidden spot on Rivington called Freemans at the end of Freemans Alley. Halfway through my cocktail, while Alexis pointed out animal head wall mounts to Savvy,  I remembered that the last time I imbibed here was the day before I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant with Savvy. She was there once as a zygote and once as an energetic 21 month old.

Tea Collection Moon Orchid Trapeze Dress
Savvy on Rivington - Hair down and ready to party

Savvy wearing Tea Collection's Moon Orchid Trapeze Dress
Alexis snapped this pic. Love it!!

The girls wanted Savvy to dance with them. She played hard to get.
The day didn't end here either! We ended up stopping for gelato and croissants around Savvy's usual dinner time before parting ways from everyone and braving a standing-room-only M15 select bus where I held Savvy, informing her that her job was to hug me while I held onto a plexiglass divider with my free hand and braced the stroller with my thighs. Back uptown by 7:30, I beelined to the fruit stand and supermarket for weekend essentials, rinsed the city off myself and Savvy in the shower and finally crashed into a heap when Savvy fell asleep at 9pm.

Needless to say, the fuller the day, the fuller my heart. What started as a 9am trip to the playground with a purposeful Bali mindset turned into a 12 hour day of good fun, good food, good drinks, lots of sweating, good company and lasting memories. It was the kind of day where I was so happy to end up with an exhaustion headache because I completely lived every minute of it.

This post is the last in a series inspired by Tea Collection's Bali Kuta Beach summer collection. See Part I and Part II for more information on Indonesia and my review of a Tea Collection dress. 

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