June 6, 2012

Savvy's Salsa & Merengue Moves ~ Wordless Wednesday

I only have time for a short post today. The videos below show Savvy busting a move to Latin beats at a friend's graduation party, working up an appetite for Puerto Rican yellow rice. These make me burst with happiness because I spent the better part of 3 years living in DC Latin dancing like a fiend at Cafe Citron, Sesto Senso, and Habana Village. GOOD TIMES.



Here, she's dancing to a slower song after hearing up-tempo Merengue beats but she can't shake the one, two, one, two, one, two fast tempo stepping moves. When she's MUCH older, I'll encourage her to use her hips too ;) 

1 comment:

James and Jules said...

LOVE your blog! What a cute dancer she is!!!!
-Julie :)

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