June 14, 2012

Top NYC Staycations from Time Out NY, 2012

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Time Out New York just released a segmented list of 33 New York City staycations. Staycation is already a made up word, but they categorized the experiences even further by hipsterizing (also a made up word) it with sub-groups like "space-cation", "flea-cation" and "adventure-cation".

It would be virtually impossible to follow all their suggestions this summer. So here's how I further curated their list to come up with Top 5 NYC Staycations 2012. I'll have to make my own competing list soon and you can decide which is better. (I will definitely include Mitsuwa on my list!)

Sleep on a boat for $55! Adventure-cation
Spend a night at the Boatel. According to their website, The Boatel is an interactive art + sound installation where you are invited to stay overnight in one of their sixteen floating installations--a boat that sings, a patchwork treehouse, a Victorian-era naturalist's laboratory, a hillbilly kama sutra honeymoon suite. Sounds rugged and memorable!

Go on a Taco Crawl! Food Coma-cation
Please transport me to Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights immediately so I can visit the taquerias Time Out lists here.

Explore a new subculture - manga! Geek-cation
Go to Forbidden Planet, which sells manga, graphic novels and comics, and get lost in worlds beyond your imagination.

Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for free! Unemployed-cation
The garden is free on Tuesdays, so add this trek to your calendar. You won't get away with paying nothing though - this park doesn't allow picnicking so you'll most likely need a stop at their cafe.

Swim in a $50 million pool! Burb-cation
The McCaren Park Pool in Williamsburg pool is certain to be great for people watching and the facilities should be top notch after a $50 million, 3 year renovation.

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Sejal Bovenizer said...

First of all, I am in LOVE with your blog! Traveling is a huge passion, but isn't as much of an option since I had a baby. I am going to staycation my way through Los Angeles until it's time to go back to work! Thanks for inspiring me!

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