April 30, 2012

Where Love Resides

The illustration on the last page of Savvy's favorite book is of a house with its front door closed. "Ope". She wants the door to open. She often pretends to open the door and says the word key over and over. I always say I wish we had the key to open that door so we could see what's inside.

Today, she left the couch saying "key", presumably to get my keys from my purse. Exasperated because I didn't want her grabbing everything from my bag, I said "No honey, mommy's keys won't work. Come back. Let's read the book again."

She eagerly climbed back onto my lap. Then I got a bit sappy as I explained a mini life lesson to her. "The only key you have is the key to my heart." I explained that love resides in the heart, channeling the wedding quilt theme from How to Make an American Quilt*.  I touched my chest to show her where the heart was.

She said "head" and patted the top of her head.  "Love resides in the head?" Astute observation, kiddo. Who's teaching who?  I said, "Love resides in the heart and the head."

And with that, from her position perched on my lap, facing me, she reached her hands up and placed them on top of my head, smoothing down my hair then caressing my cheeks. She grinned, looking into my eyes as she touched my head, the place that her concept of love resides.

It is something amazing to be touched like that by your one year old daughter. So purely loving. This little person that grew inside me is capable of showing me such honest affection and gentleness. I consciously closed my eyes to savor the fleeting moment when I felt love reside everywhere.

*Best movie ever!

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