April 2, 2012

The London Candy Company - our latest treat

When I lived in London, my tamest guilty pleasure was Cadbury chocolate. Every time I had an extra minute and a few coins in my pocket, I bought a chocolate bar from vending machines in the Tube. The chocolate was always a bit melty from the hot Underground air. Extra yummy.

Fast forward 10 years, and a neighborhood mama friend told me about The London Candy Company on the Upper East Side -- 94th and Lex. Savvy and I stopped there for some Easter candy last week--Cadbury bars, Mini Eggs, Galaxy bars & mini caramel eggs, and some Walkers crisps for good measure. Naturally, I've eaten it all already, with just a little bit of help from Rob and Savvy... 

The store is meticulously designed and has a wide open, shabby chic feel to it, with the perfect amount of British paraphernalia to be kitschy without sacrificing smart style. Being a candy shop, there is an unspoken "you're allowed to act like a kid here" vibe, and we were there the same time as a 3 year old duo that ran laps around Savannah. Even with grabby hands, she was angelic in comparison.

But it's really a place for adult anglophiles. In addition to the Cadbury, Glaxy and Aero bars, there are high end gifts, teas, and they serve Stumptown coffee. Beginning April 12th, they'll be hosting Sick Sweets, a painting series featuring "sherbit dips, walnut whips and curley wurlys." I don't know what any of those things are, so I will need to return and find out! 

The London Candy Company

Hunting for the perfect bag of "dipsh" (chips).

Savvy enjoys Prawn Crisps at The London Candy Company
Yummy Prawn Crisps
Crunchity crunch


Eleanor said...

Yum yum! Sherbert dips are a tube of sherbert with a liquorice stick to dip in it, curly wurlys are a criss cross shaped toffee covered in chocolate and finally a walnut whip is a pyramid of chocolate filled with a sort of cream and sealed at the top with a walnut. Haven't had any in years! First two are sweets best loved by kids from 80's and later by grown ups from 80's!

ReesieD said...

oh I am so jealous!!!!

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