April 26, 2012

$2 Birth Kits Save Lives

I just learned the shocking statistic that the lifetime maternal mortality rate in Papua New Guinea is 1 in 7. 1 in 7 mothers die during or because of childbirth!  This is mind blowing.

Image via - from Mathias Heng

I also learned, thanks to Melissa at Dear Baby that many of these deaths can be prevented with a few simple supplies like soap, plastic gloves, gauze, a razor blade, string, and a plastic sheet.

They are included in birth kits that Bloggers for Birth Kits are putting together and sending to the developing world.

Imagine only knowing your baby during pregnancy and never having the experience of introducing that child to the world. It's something I can't bear to think about. I feel as though I've been given a second life as a mother. No mother should live just one life. There are many things wrong with the birthing industry in our country, but at least I can say that I don't know any mothers who didn't survive their child's birth. Not a friend, not an acquaintance, not a friend-of-a friend. NONE. We all survived and can do our part to help mother's around the world this Mother's Day with a small donation or simply sharing this post with our networks to spread the word.

Please visit The Mommyhood Memos to learn more about donating ($10 creates 5 kits!) or how to put your own birth kits.

Not sure what to get your own mother this Mother's Day? Make a donation on her behalf and they will send you a printed letter to include in her card.

Please spread the word! Thank you!

1 comment:

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

Missa, thank you so much for getting involved with this important issue!! You're right, I don't know (or know of) anyone who has died in childbirth either. It's shocking to think how commonplace it is in some places. :( Appreciate you giving your voice to this cause!
-Adriel xx

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