April 9, 2012

Take a $50 Spa-Cation: My NYC Spa Week Picks

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Ever feel like you need a vacation RIGHT NOW? Sometimes the quickest way to escape everyday life is to allow someone else to pamper you at the spa - with a massage, a facial, a full body exfoliation, a luxury mani/pedi. For me, going to the spa is not part of my usual routine, but the few times I've gone for a massage or facial has been incredibly restorative.

I'm going for a Rolling Stone massage at Spa Martier later this month (with a lovely massage therapist whose Ecuadorian accent brought me right back to Quito) because....

Spa Week is next week! Hundreds of spas across the US are offering $50 treatments from April 16-22.

My $50 NYC Spa-cation Picks:

1. Ayurveda Sampling Package including Gharshana, Ahbyanga massage, and Shirodhra at Fine Living New York Ayurveda in the West Village.
Because you'll need to Google everything and have an impressive story.

2. Authentic Korean Body Scrub and Cucumber Mask at Tribeca Spa of Tranquility.
Because Korean sloughing technique must be better than your own!

3. Green Tea Body Wrap at Ada Spa in Tribeca.
Because it sounds warm, wet, and moisturizing.

4. Massage with Thai Herbal Compress at Bunya Citi Spa in Soho.
Because it sounds fragrant and healing.

5. 1/4 Syringe of Juvederm Lip Injections at Verve Medical Cosmetics in Midtown.
Because, whoa, imagine impulse purchasing a Hollywood pout?!

This is the perfect opportunity to take a mini spa-cation without tons of advance planning or a big monetary investment. Try a new treatment to challenge your comfort zone, immerse yourself in a cultural experience you've never had, make yourself feel great, have a new story to tell -- all the reasons I love to travel!

~~~Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I attended a Spa Week-hosted event at Spa Martier where I sampled their massage and nail art treatments. I will be paying for my return trip~~~

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Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I just had a pregnancy massage and it was ah-may-zing! I could do that every week :) Enjoy your pampering!

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